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Gambling alarms you should listen

As in every business and industry in the world right now, if you are into sports betting, you have probably noticed that things have changed quite a bit, things have evolved in the past few years, and even more so from 2020 until now.

Technology has changed sports betting greatly, things are just not done how they were before, everything is more active now, live, accurate, there are many more options, more market demand. The Covid-19 pandemic has also created a big new wave of changes, different sports, different interests, different products, and all of these are alarms you should listen to, as a bookie, because now more than ever, players are expecting a more personalized experience, where they can feel at home, where they can play whatever they want, whenever they want it, and your sportsbook needs to be ready to meet those requirements.

How is sports betting different now from a few years ago?

Not too long ago, American players were all into the famous four major sports, and that was about it, that was what mattered, in general. NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL, if your sportsbook was offering that, then it was all good, your players were happy, and you, as a bookie, would always prepare for a “low season” and a “high season”, and that was life. Right?

Well, as important as they still are in the regular year of betting for any player out there, these four leagues are just not enough anymore to have satisfied customers, but now they have learned about hundreds of different opportunities that are out there in the public, ready to get some action. We’re talking about big sports and tournaments like UEFA Champions League, La Liga or Premier League, to mention a few of soccer’s most important events, but also tennis tournaments, golf, auto racing, cricket, rugby, golf. And also new categories like eSports, simulations and virtual games, or other products like horse racing and casino, live dealers and so on.

Players want to have all these options available now, and if your sportsbook is not ready to deal with it, they will find another one who will.

Price per Head will make sure you’re covered

Good Price per Head operators like have every single tool and service you need to be able to offer the complete experience for your clients. We have been around for many years, over two decades, and we have some of the most experienced sportsbook personnel working right here with us, ready to give your sportsbook a hand and provide you with the best sports betting platform and tools, so that you can operate like a real world-class bookie.

You’re not alone in this, we’re right here, ready to push with you, and all for the lowest price and risk. Visit us now at and see for yourself everything we can help you with. Make sure to contact us with any questions, and we’ll be happy to sit down and have a good talk, so that you understand what we can do together, and how we can make sure you run a successful sportsbook.