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Are You Looking to Become a Bookie?

Have you been witnessing the explosion in online sports betting and want a piece of the action?

If you’re looking to become a bookie, we’re going to explain the process using a pay per head (PPH) service. It’s the most cost-effective way for anyone to start an online bookie business.

Steps to Launching a Bookie

Follow this step-by-step checklist of things you need to do if you’re looking to become a bookie.

You can start an online sportsbook today if you have at least one person ready to start betting.

  1. Sign-Up to PayPerHead247: We recommend joining PayPerHead247. They have the best PPH bookie software, a big team with lots of experience and a stable long-term reputation.

  1. Instant Account Set-Up: PayPerHead247 will set-up your new bookie account instantly and then you can start working on the initial phase of getting everything configured.

  1. Website Development: You can choose one of the custom website skins provided by PPH247 or you can have their team develop a unique design based on your specs.

  1. Creating Player Accounts: Whether you have one or one hundred players, you need to have an account opened for each player with a unique Player ID.

Your players will be able to log-in to your website with the Player ID and password you provide them.

  1. Creating Betting Profiles: The two most important things here are to set the betting limits and credit limits for your players. However, you can also select the line profiles each player will have access to, plus you can restrict players from certain products if desired.

Don’t send any log-in information to your players until you have created their betting profile.

If you don’t, the player could theoretically take free shots at you, as they won’t have any limits on the account. If they lose, they may just stiff you, if they win, they’ll expect you to pay them out.

Betting and credit limits are extremely important when you’re a new bookie.

  1. Study the Data: Once you have set-up players with accounts, it’s time to start studying the data as your players wager. Are they winning/losing? What markets are performing the best? PayPerHead247 offers clients a wealth of reports to study all of the incoming data.

  1. Start Marketing: Your biggest goal as a new bookie is to build your betting sheet. You have to start marketing and never stop. Be selective about who you bring on, though.

Get Started Today

You’ll be able to get started as a bookie today for free!

PayPerHead247 offers a four-week free trial and then they have extremely competitive fees after the trial period. You’ll start at just $10/head (weekly fee) with discounts available for hitting milestones.

As your betting sheet grows, the cost per player lowers.

Now is a better time than ever to become an online sportsbook, especially if you’re in the US where many states have now made it legal to bet on sports online.

Follow the steps in this guide and you’ll have an online bookie operational this week.